Wednesday, February 22, 2006


Under the Bleachers 2/21/06

Tonight, host Ryan Chadwick is joined by his co-hosts Chris Mueller and Zach Weinberg. The boys discuss the insanity of super slugger, Barry Bonds, they debate who deserves the NCAA player of the year award and talk about who should be the No. 1 team in the land. Tune in for a special phone conversation with Pj Mullen as well as the latest on Ricky Williams and the Olympic Hockey Team.

Thursday, February 16, 2006


Under the Bleachers 2/16/06

Tonight, host Ryan Chadwick is joined by his co-host Zach Weinberg and Chris Mueller, as well as, special guest Damien Figueroa. The boys talk about the departure of two major NCAA mens basketball coaches, Mike Davis and Eddie Sutton. Also, they discuss the Olympic mens hockey team and their tie with Latvia, yes Latvia. In some wierd news, they rant about the dismissal of Standfords Mascot as well as UTB's favorite athlete named Sammy, Mr. Slammin Sammy Sosa. All this and much much more.


Under the Bleachers 2/14/06

Tonight, Host Ryan Chadwick is joined by his co-hosts Zach Wienberg and Chris Mueller, as well as special guest Kevin Haslam. The guys break down the No. 4 Villanova Wildcats upset win over the No. 1 Uconn Huskies, as well as talk about the possible future of Ravens star Ray Lewis, plus they rant about the irrelevance of the Olympics and NBC's shady practices. As always the guys go Under the Bleachers in the most exciting 5 min. in sports radio. Enjoy the special NCAA power rankings, courtesy of UTB squared and an update in the epic saga of Oswald the lucky rabbit.

Sunday, February 12, 2006


Note about the Links

Most of the links to the left will take you to other wonderful ComRadio podcasts, or even the home of all Comradio podcasts, where you can listen to Penn State play by play. But if you notice, there is one link which reads 'UTB squared'. This link will take you deeper under the bleachers then really necessary, but its fun. So check that site out in your free time, and check back with us every Tuesday and Thursday, for the latest editions of Under the Bleachers.

Friday, February 10, 2006


Under the Bleachers 2/9/06

Host Ryan Chadwick is joined by three guest co-hosts, Chris Mueller, JJ Terlecki and Damien Figueroa. They discuss the recent gambling scandal that has consumed "the great one's" life. Tensions run high as personalities clash during a recap of Super Bowl XL, but laughs abound as they wrap up the broadcast discussing the trade for Al Michaels. A very special treat for long time UTB fans, MIA host Pj Mullen calls in and offers a perspective all his own...priceless.

Friday, February 03, 2006


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Under the Bleachers 1/31/06

Host Ryan Chadwick is back in action after a week's hiatus, he is joined by Zach Weinberg, Chris Mueller and Damien F. Listen as they break down Super Bowl 40, giving in depth analysis for each side. In a special segment they debate the age old question "What makes a great quarterback...titles or records?" All this, plus they go "under the bleachers" and of course, and they give you the latest sports news.


Under the Bleachers 1/24/06

Under The Bleachers with Zach Weinberg, Chris Mueller, and J.J. Terlecki. Listen as they discuss the retirement of Mario Lemieux, the Ron Artest-Kings trade problem, Michael Robinson's position in the NFL, and Superbowl XL. Prepare to have your gut-busted.


Just getting started

Under the Bleachers is just getting its feet wet with podcasting, check back with us soon to listen to the longest running sports talk show in ComRadio history

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